Arielle & Art’s Nantucket Wedding in Tom Nevers



Arielle and Art were married on June 11th 2016 at a private residence in Tom Nevers here on Nantucket. 
From the moment we met this couple we knew their wedding would be a lot of fun! They laugh constantly and their good energy is contagious! They also love Nantucket…..”I grew up coming to the island. Art loves history and I love to be near the water, so Nantucket seemed like the perfect place for the wedding.”

As their day approached there were looming thunderstorms on the radar but Arielle and Art never once seemed to worry! They knew they would be married surrounded by friends and family and that is all that mattered to them! Having a couple who was willing to go with the flow and adapt to the new plans is a great thing! We used some fun white umbrellas as rain drops started to fall during portraits and also moved the ceremony into their reception tent. Jimmy Jaksic, the wedding coordinator worked with all the vendors to create the new plan on the fly and it all came together perfectly.  I truly believe that a little wild weather only ads to the story of the day as it creates unplanned moments and it was a pleasure having a couple who truly shared that belief! They were truly unfazed by the storm and embraced every minute of their special day. One of my favorite moments was seeing Arielle’s father walk her into the tent under a big umbrella, both smiling ear to ear.

Later after the storm cleared the sun came beaming out from behind the clouds and we had gorgeous light for a few more portraits out on the bluff. Here’s a little more from Arielle about their wedding day…..“The massive thunderstorm was certainly a memorable part of the day! Our outdoor ceremony was obviously not going to work, so we had to improvise quickly. The tented ceremony was fun and unique – very us! We laughed the entire time!”

Their day was so full of laughter, surprises and wild dance moves too! We had a great time photographing their reception and I loved how connected their families are! There were many group hugs, hilarious moments between Arielle and her sisters and of course very emotional moments too! Art’s brother’s speech was also one of the best we’ve ever heard! Cheers to Arielle and Art, we hope to see you again soon!!

Special Thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph this wedding!

Venue: 124 Tom Nevers, Wedding Coordinator: Jimmy Jaksic, Officiant: Ron Farber (The Bride’s Uncle) Floral Design: Soiree Floral, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Band: Freestyle, Caterer: Purple Sage Catering by Jonas Baker, Transportation: Cranberry Transportation

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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