Just Add Water: Panama – Yoga Retreat


Laughter, Yoga, Meditation, Friendship, Surfing, Support, Love, Fun…..those are a few words that come to mind when I think about our retreat, Just Add Water: Panama. Much gratitude to Caitlin Marcoux and Ieva Aldins for giving us endless hours of yoga, knowledge, support and encouragement. Our week at Sansara, in Cambutal Panama was an amazing one!

When Caitlin mentioned doing a retreat in Panama, I was thrilled! The year before many of us had all gone on her retreat to Puerto Rico and it was an unforgettable experience. Amazing things happen while on retreat. We had about 5 people from Nantucket on the trip and the rest were new friends we couldn’t wait to meet. It was an incredible group and the week was full of growth, inspiration and lots of fun. I love being part of a brand new group, the dynamics that form and being present to fully learn from those around us. We had a diverse group and we all brought a lot to the table (or the matte). Whether it was finally getting that handstand pose, popping up on a wave while surfing or conquering deeper and more personal challenges, everyone walked away a new person and our lives are far richer for having shared these experiences together. Caitlin and Ieva truly brought us an amazing balanced practice throughout the week. Each day we did two classes, Caitlin’s were more vinyasa-based and infused with the teachings of the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions and the influences of her teachers Shiva Rea, and Ganga White. Ieva led us through a Restorative Practice, Yoga Nidra and Classical hatha yoga rooted in the Sivananda lineage

I always love photographing our friends and our new adventures.  Here are a few photos from our week together in Panama.

Enjoy! – Katie K.


YogaRetreat_002_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_003_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_004_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_005_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_006_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_007_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_008_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_009_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_011_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_012_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_013_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_010_KatieKaizerPhotographyYogaRetreat_014_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_015_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_016_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_017_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_018_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_019_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_020_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_021_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_022_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_023_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_024_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_025_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_026_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_027_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_028_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_029_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_030_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_031_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_032_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_033_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_034_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_035_KatieKaizerPhotography YogaRetreat_036_KatieKaizerPhotography



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