Springtime Portrait Session on Nantucket

Springtime Portrait Session with Nora, Zinnia, Willa, Charlotte & Madeleine


Spring is in the air on Nantucket! With the 40th annual Daffodil Weekend upon us it seemed only fitting to explore the flower fields for my recent Springtime Portrait Session. I’ve been photographing the Ruley Twins and their family for a long time and every year we also do a cousins shoot! This year was extra special as the photography from our session is a Birthday Gift to their grandfather. Needless to say we had a great afternoon and the girls are growing up fast! They are all so sweet and they truly love hanging out with each other. Nantucket is a beautiful backdrop for quality family time and I am so thankful to know these great kids! Wishing everyone a lovely Daffodil Weekend!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

 Ruley_02_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_03_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_04_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_05_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_06_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_07_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_08_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_09_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_10_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_11_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_12_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_13_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_14_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_15_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_16_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_17_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_18_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_19_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_20_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_21_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_22_KatieKaizerPhotography Ruley_23_KatieKaizerPhotography

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