Angela and Bret with a little one on the way – Maternity Portrait Session – Nantucket Ma

Just after a bustling Daffodil Weekend on Nantucket Angela & Bret arrived to enjoy a lovely and quiet week on the island.  Angela and I had been in touch for a few months and I was looking forward to meeting them and doing a maternity photo session with them.  Angela and Bret were graced with of those unusually warm spring days on Nantucket when it almost feels like summertime.

I asked Angela about how they met and how they chose Nantucket for their  trip. . . “Bret and I met through a mutual client and continued to see each other at various business events. We shared some similar life experiences and slowly developed a very meaningful friendship. Our friendship turned into a couple years of dating and then a wedding. We chose Nantucket because of our deep American heritage. Both of our families have been here since the 1600’s. We had seen photos of the beautiful views and scenery and though it would be a perfect place to relax before the excitement of having a newborn.”

Spending time with Angela and Bret was wonderful and they are such a dynamic and fun couple to photograph. Wishing them all the best in June with the arrival of their newest family member! As we head into this special holiday weekend I am wishing all the Mom’s out there a very happy Mother’s Day.

Enjoy! – Katie K.


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