Danielle & Zack – Engagement Session – Nantucket Ma

The springtime landscape on Nantucket is lovely. For Danielle and Zack’s engagement session the sun was shining, flowers had bloomed and Nantucket was quiet, romantic and reserved for this special couple.

Danielle and Zack will be married on Nantucket in June of 2014 and I can’t wait to photograph this sweet couple again! I asked Danielle how they met….”Zack and I met a while ago while we were going to school at Boston College. We had mutual friends but it wasn’t until senior year that we started dating.” After graduation they moved to New York City where Zack works in finance and Danielle is a Nurse.

Danielle has been coming to Nantucket since she was a little girl and when she brought Zack to visit he fell in love with it. “We selected Nantucket as our wedding destination because it has become our favorite place to come relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company. We look forward to sharing Nantucket with our friends and family as we celebrate this momentous occasion.”

These two have a lifetime of happiness ahead of them. In addition to planning their Nantucket wedding they are about to embark on a new adventure, they are moving to the UK. They loved seeing the ‘London’ signage on the infamous Nantucket Compass Rose in town.

After winding through town we went down to the Brant Point Lighthouse for the later part of the afternoon. The light was beautiful and the lighthouse was all done up in Daffodils in preparation for the upcoming festival weekend. These two couldn’t have had a better afternoon for their engagement session. I am wishing them all the best with their new endeavors and looking forward to photographing their wedding next year!

Enjoy! – Katie K.


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