Trip to Vegas

Last Thursday my family and I went to Vegas for a long weekend. My cousin Laraine plays violin in Celine Dion’s show and so we headed west to see her perform and take in some bright city lights. We also spent time with our Uncle Ed and Aunt Janet who were visiting and performing. We were lucky to see them perform along with Laraine and her husband Sasha in a concert series at the Christ Church Episcopal. It’s always a treat to hear them perform together. It was a great weekend in Vegas and as always wonderful to spend time with family! Here are a few fun shots from the trip!

Aunt Janet, Uncle Ed, Sasha & Laraine at their concert! Thank for an unforgettable weekend!

(Photo by Celine Dion’s photographer)

Laraine, Pete, Katie, Celine, Thea and PJ

Much to our surprise our cousin Laraine arranged for us to meet Celine Dion right before the show. It was wonderful to meet her!

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