Brynnen and Adam Quick – Wedding at Brant Point Lighthouse

Brynnen Baker and Adam Quick know the meaning of an ‘intimate beach wedding.’ The couple is from Jackson Mississippi and they grew up together. Rather than having a big wedding in the heat of a Mississippi summer they opted for a destination wedding in lovely Nantucket. Brynnen has been coming here with her family since she was younger. Her good friend Elizabeth who was at the wedding recalled Brynnen saying as a child that she “always wanted to get married on Nantucket.” The couple joined 18 of their closest friends and family for a Wednesday afternoon wedding at the Brant Point Lighthouse. From there we traveled around in an antique car they rented for the day. Then the couple had a lovely dinner at the home they had rented on Pine St. Brynnen and Adam spent the week on Nantucket and were able to enjoy gorgeous September weather. Wishing them all the best as they embark on their honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa. They are a truly sweet couple and it was a pleasure spending this special intimate day with them.  Great to meet you all! – Katie K.

3 thoughts on “Brynnen and Adam Quick – Wedding at Brant Point Lighthouse

  1. Katie these are beautiful! You have done an incredible job of capturing exactly what the day meant to Brynnen and Adam. Nantucket sure does provide an unbelievable backdrop for such a special day! I know Brynnen and Adam will be thrilled with the pictures!
    Elizabeth Quinn

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