Kate and Roddy’s Nantucket Wedding – St. Paul’s Church and The Great Harbor Yacht Club


Kate and Roddy were married on September 17th 2016 at St. Paul’s Church and enjoyed a gorgeous evening reception at The Great Harbor Yacht Club. Their evening was incredible and we had one of the most magical sunsets I’ve ever seen. The sky looked like a painting as everyone enjoyed the harborside reception.

I met Kate and Roddy for their Nantucket Engagement Session last spring over Daffodil Weekend.  It was clear right away that they love Nantucket and have a special connection to the island. Kate told me more about their decision to be married here…”Nantucket has been a very special place for my family and we have some incredible memories there. It is a spectacular island steeped in history and fascinating people. Last year, Roddy visited for the first time and was immediately smitten with the island. We spent many beach walks discussing our future and savoring the salt air, the refreshing dips in the ocean, the amazing sunsets, the fantastic culinary scene and fun nights in town. It seemed fitting to start the very beginning of our married life on this great island.”

We loved photographing the first look at Kate’s family home here on Nantucket. The couple was over joyed to see each other and we enjoyed starting their family portraits right there at the beautiful home. Following the church ceremony the couple had a great exit where all the guests were waving around ribbons. The scene was incredible with everyone smiling and cheering for the newlyweds. It was no surprise that among many other moments this was one of their favorite of the day…”Walking out of the church to see all of our family and friends – our favorite people- cheering and waving ribbons will forever stand out to us. It was an amazing moment. Other favorites: riding in the antique car through town to the GHYC – the first moments as a married couple; walking out on the docks under an incredible, almost paint brushed sky.”

At sunset the couple lit off the canon and everyone was invited into a gorgeous tent for dinner and toasts. We loved the Maid of Honor’s toast which turned into her and another friend singing one of Kate’s favorite U2 songs from their college years! The whole crowd was laughing, we alway love a good surprise toast! That wasn’t the only surprise either….after everyone enjoyed some dancing Kate’s father had everyone gather around for a special surprise.

Kate and Roddy had met in London while they were both living there. While living there they had followed news about  the royals very closely plus colorful politicians like Boris Johnson (who was mayor at the time). So Kate’s father had decided to write to many of them and let them know that Kate and Roddy were to be married on Nantucket! Much to their surprise they got back several letters…including the following…

They received a standard response from Kensington Palace on behalf of Kate Middleton the Dutchess of Cambridge. They also received standard response from Buckingham Palace on behalf of Queen Elizabeth. Boris Johnson a former Mayor of London and now Foreign Affairs Minister of the UK wrote them a personal response and congratulations and lastly, Ed Balls à former member of Parliament hand wrote a response as well! Kate’s father delivered a great and humorous account of the responses and he had the whole room erupting in laughter. The evening was full of heartfelt fun moments just like this that made their evening unique and truly special! We are so happy for Kate and Roddy and look forward to seeing them again on Nantucket!

Special Thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for all of her talent in joining me to photograph this wedding!

Ceremony: St. Paul’s Church, Reception: The Great Harbor Yacht Club, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Hair & Make Up: Lyndsay Simon Beauty, Dress: Vera Wang, Flowers: Soiree Floral,  Band: To the Max, Wedding Planner: Nantucket Island Events , Cake:
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Lauren and Ben are getting married this weekend!




Lauren and Ben are getting married this weekend!! It was so much fun to photograph them this past July while they were on Nantucket! Their Engagement Session around Sconset was beautiful as we had a gorgeous evening with all of the flowers in full bloom! We waited until now to show a few of their photos as their big weekend is almost here!  I’ve known Lauren for a while as we used to work together many summers ago! It will be an honor to photograph their wedding at The Nantucket Yacht Club!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

bloglaurenben_001_katiekaizerphotographybloglaurenben_002_katiekaizerphotography bloglaurenben_003_katiekaizerphotography bloglaurenben_004_katiekaizerphotography bloglaurenben_005_katiekaizerphotography bloglaurenben_007_katiekaizerphotography bloglaurenben_008_katiekaizerphotography bloglaurenben_009_katiekaizerphotography bloglaurenben_010_katiekaizerphotography bloglaurenben_011_katiekaizerphotography


Sasha & Alex’s Nantucket Wedding at The Great Harbor Yacht Club


Sasha and Alex were married on September 10th 2016 at The Great Harbor Yacht Club. The couple had a beautiful weekend to celebrate their wedding festivities! I photographed their Rehearsal Dinner on Friday evening at Alex’s Family Home  where everyone enjoyed a beautiful meal and shared stories about the amazing couple. From the time I first talked with Sasha I knew this would be a really fun wedding! She & Alex have a beautiful Yellow Lab named Charlie and she was very excited to have Charlie join us for a few photos. As the day arrived I knew having Charlie around for their first look at The Lily Pond would make for some great portraits!

Sasha and Alex love spending time on Nantucket. Alex’s family has a long history here on Nantucket. Their story is pretty incredible and I loved Sasha’s description of their connection to Nantucket…

“Alex started coming to Nantucket when he was around 5 or 6 years old with his family. Originally they rented in Surfside. Then they moved into what used to be Annie’s grocery store but what has now been their home ~ 10-15 years while Blake, Alex’s dad, and Blakes partner built the yacht club – a labor of love that was controversial and took 10 years to build. So, this place is a place that means a lot to the Drexler family and Alex – and to me as I look up to Alex’s dad for his vision, entrepreneurial and business skills, as well as his perseverance and passion. He’s a great father in law. It’s amazing what he’s built for his family.”

I also loved hearing about how Sasha and Alex arrived at the decision to have their wedding here. They have friends from all over the world but Nantucket was truly the perfect place for them to tie the knot…

“Alex and I started coming to Nantucket the summer after we started dating in 2011. We’ve made so many amazing memories with his family there along with our friends from Colorado. And now, through planning this “destination” wedding, it’s brought both of our families close together. My mom has fallen in love with Nantucket and it’s very special to me that we’ve gotten to spend time here together. We wanted to share this special place, unlike anywhere else in the world, with everyone were close to. Having decided to move from Colorado to the east coast after we had already picked this location only made it a more perfect place to get married. All of our closest friends – and specifically my friends and family from home – were able to see a bit of where I was starting out the next chapter of my life. It’s nice to know they’re now a part of that. Finally, we felt that having a wedding on a cozy New England island that is not so easy to get to would give us an understandable reason to keep our wedding intimate and small. While Alex and I love to have a good time and can be loud and extroverted bordering on obnoxious at times, were closet introverts and felt a large wedding would have tapped us out of energy. This way, we were able to spend quality time with the people were closest to and focus on those relationships.”

There were so many unique things about this wedding. Sasha’s Mom made a monogrammed plate for every single guest with their first initial on the plate. This was certainly one of the best gifts we had ever seen at a wedding.

“My moms dinnerware being a part of my wedding added a next level of meaning to the weekend. The reception was absolutely gorgeous with her personalized monogrammed Plates with a message from Alex and I on back. These were a gift for each of our guests. The back read “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.” This had special significance as Alex and I just moved across the country and our life is in the biggest transition either of us has ever been through. It was important to live in the present. My mom is my role model and is such a strong person and business woman. Her business, Sasha Nicholas, is a labor of love just like Blakes building of GHYC. It was incredible that both our families were able to bring their passions and hard work and intertwine them into our wedding to share with all of our loved ones.”

I asked the newlyweds what their favorite part of the wedding was….Alex’s favorite memories of the weekend included; The rehearsal dinner, The fog that was a cozy blanket for our ceremony – romantic and intimate, The reception turned dance party.

It was no surprise that Sasha shared some similar memories – safe to say this is a couple who loves to DANCE!

Sasha’s favorite memories of the weekend included; Rehearsal dinner and reception speeches ,Our vows at the ceremony, Dance party!, My dance to ‘Lean On Me’ with my brother.

The entire evening was full of energy and great dancing! We absolutely loved being part of this wedding!

Huge special thanks to Cary Tozer for shooting this wedding with me! Loved his capture of the Groom carrying the flower girl down the aisle! Priceless moments!

Wedding & Reception Venue: The Great Harbor Yacht Club, Wedding Coordinator: Carolyn Hills, Wedding Dinnerware: Sasha Nicholas, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Ceremony Music: Mollie Glazer & Billy Voss, Wedding Reception DJ: Perfect Nantucket Events by Billy Voss, Flowers: Flowers on Chestnut, Wedding Cake: , Rehearsal Dinner Tent: Nantucket Tents, Rehearsal Dinner Catering: Nantucket Catering Company, Rehearsal Dinner Raw Bar: Isle Have Another

Enjoy! – Katie K.


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Sarah & Jon’s Nantucket Wedding – The White Elephant Village Ballroom & Private Residence


Sarah and Jon were married September 4th 2016. The couple planned their wedding festivities for Labor Day Weekend and had originally planned to be married at The Jetties Beach. For the few days leading up to the wedding, Tropical Storm Hermine was approaching Nantucket bringing along very strong winds. We ended up with an amazing silver lining as their wonderful planner, Aisling Glynn of Acktivities, found them a new ceremony venue at the last minute….the brand new White Elephant Village Ballroom. This was the first wedding at the Ballroom and we look forward to many more! The space was beautiful and was the perfect setting for Sarah and Jon to be married.

After the ceremony we still made a visit to Fisherman’s Beach for a few portraits. At the beach Sarah and Jon had a few moments to themselves and I loved how they embraced the wind from Tropical Storm Hermine as Sarah’s veil danced around in the sunshine! Sarah and Jon absolutely love the beach and Nantucket! They had a reception at her families home on Surfside Road and it was such a treat to be part of this wedding! I have photographed the Greenwald Family a few summers ago and they are a fun and very tight knit family! I loved hearing more from Sarah about the time they spend here and the connection to Nantucket….”I grew up spending Summer’s on Nantucket, and now we spend as much time here together as we can.  Together I can’t see ever tiring of the island- always some new little adventure or special find. We aim to see as many sunsets from the sand as possible! Our venue was my parents home there- our roots in Nantucket. We loved hearing our secret letters about one another read out loud during the ceremony.”

The entire day was absolutely amazing. We loved hearing both sets of parents give speeches together. Everyone kept laughing as they told more of the story of Sarah and Jon. From what we know and have learned they are an incredible team, best friends and a couple who has a lifetime of happiness ahead! We said our good byes after their speeches  but I have no doubt that their evening went on to be a fun dance party! We loved meeting everyone and truly enjoyed being part of such a beautiful celebration!

Special thanks to Cary Tozer for joining me to photograph this wedding!

Event Planner: Aisling Glynn, ACKtivities, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Catering: Simply With Style, Hair: Elaine O’ Keefe, Make Up: YG Make Up, Ceremony: White Elephant Village Ballroom, Floral Design: Mary Beth Ferro, Rentals: Placesetters, Transportation: Cranberry Transportation, Cake: Jodi’s Cakes,  Lighting: Capron Sound & Lighting, DJ: James Mulry, Pressing: Sharlene Rudd, Tents: Nantucket Tents, Rehearsal Dinner Venue: Bartlett’s Farm


sarahjon_001_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_002_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_003_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_004_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_005_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_006_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_007_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_008_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_009_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_010_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_011_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_012_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_014_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_015_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_017_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_018_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_016_katiekaizerphotographysarahjon_019_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_020_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_021_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_022_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_024_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_025_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_026_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_028_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_029_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_030_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_031_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_032_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_033_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_034_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_035_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_037_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_038_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_039_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_040_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_041_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_042_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_043_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_044_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_045_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_046_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_047_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_048_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_049_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_050_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_051_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_052_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_053_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_054_katiekaizerphotography sarahjoncake_001_katiekaizerphotographysarahjon_055_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_056_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_057_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_058_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_059_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_060_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_061_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_062_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_063_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_064_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_065_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_066_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_070_katiekaizerphotographysarahjon_067_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_068_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_069_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_071_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_072_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_073_katiekaizerphotography sarahjon_074_katiekaizerphotography




Sarah & Mitch’s Nantucket Wedding at The Oldest House



Sarah and Mitch were married Saturday September 3rd 2016 surrounded by their immediate families. Sarah works for The Nantucket Historical Association and one of their historical properties, The Oldest House, was the perfect place for Sarah and Mitch to be married.  The location has a special romantic energy and perhaps that is because In 1686 the house was originally given as a wedding gift to Bride and Groom Mary Gardner and Jethro Coffin. The Mulberry Tree they stood under was also very special as Mitch has taken care of it as he is an arborist here on Nantucket.

I loved everything about this wedding ceremony. They prepared a Tree Planting and they included all of their family members. Together everyone helped plant an Avocado Tree and used soil they had brought from each of their home towns. Sarah and Mitch also chose this beautiful quote as part of their ceremony….”The sum of all our evolution, our thinking and our accomplishments is love. A marriage makes two fractional lives a whole. It gives to two questioning natures a renewed reason for living. It brings a new gladness to the sunshine, a new fragrance to the flowers, a new beauty to the earth and a new mystery to life.” – Carl Sagan

As always I enjoyed hearing about their story, I was lucky enough to know Sarah and Mitch from early on when they started dating, though I  never knew just how they met….”We met at the Chicken Box in the heart of winter, a place where many locals have met their spouses, so we’ve learned. It was important for us to get married on Nantucket because we met here. Our parents had never met each other until our wedding weekend, so the island made for a beautiful place for them to meet each other.  For our location, The Oldest House, there were several factors that drew is in. Sarah works for The Nantucket Historical Association and the Oldest House is one of their beautiful properties. Another is the fact the house itself was originally a wedding gift. Getting married under the mulberry was the icing on top. As an arborist I (Mitch) respect the beauty of this giant mulberry and actually had the privilege of pruning it last spring, not knowing at the time that we would be getting married under it.”

Sarah and Mitch are soul mates and best friends. As they read vows to each other it was clear to see that this is the kind of love that only comes along once in a lifetime if we are lucky. I asked each of them what they loved the most about their special day….

From Sarah…”My favorite part is when the ceremony began and I was walking towards you. It suddenly became so real that we were doing this and I’ll never forget the look on you face, pure joy.”

Not surprisingly Mitch had a similar response…

From Mitch “Not far from Sarah’s favorite part, mine was seeing Sarah for the first time all day looking stunning and walking toward me while the epic theme song from Jurassic Park was playing.”

After the ceremony at The Oldest House we stopped by Steps Beach for a few photos before they met their families at Something Natural where they enjoyed a beautiful meal prepared by The Green.

I am incredibly honored to have photographed such a special wedding and to be part of such an intimate day. We wish Sarah and Mitch a lifetime of happiness and I’m thankful we will see them around on Nantucket! They are the kind of people who make this island even better and I’m so happy to know them!

Special thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph this wedding!

 Ceremony site: The Oldest House, The Nantucket Historical Association, Officiant: Betsy Tyler, Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Catering: The Green, Dinner site: Something Natural, Hair and Makeup: Darya Salon, Flowers: Betsey Brooks Floral & Design,  Planters: Sunshine Gardening , Wedding Dress: Kite and Butterfly
Enjoy! – Katie K.


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Kate & Dan’s Nantucket Engagement Session – Sailing, Sunshine & Steps Beach



Kate and Dan had a magical Nantucket evening for their Engagement Session! Kate’s family has been on Nantucket for generations and she used to teach sailing here on the island! It was a perfect evening to photograph them on one of her family’s beautiful boats!

Before I met with Kat and her Mom I had met Kate’s father when I was photographing a family portrait session over at the harbor area of Fulling Mill road. The little boy of the session was mesmerized upon seeing this beautiful red and white Beetle Cat Sailboat! Kate’s father Ernie was so kind and let us do a few photos on the boat! Then just recently I got the wonderful news that his daughter Kate was engageed and I loved meeting she and her mother to talk about photographing the wedding! I am over joyed to be Kate and Dan’s photographer as this couple loves to have fun and has a really special connection to the island. Photographing them out on the sailboat was beautiful and we had a calm day which made for dreamy reflections and we also had just enough breeze for sailing! Kate’s Dad Ernie was so kind to cruise me around on his boat to photograph them too! Any day spent on the water is a good one!

I asked Kate what they felt was a memorable part of the evening and I just loved her response… “Without a doubt taking pictures on the Cat and the Hat (our sailboat)! From the light breeze to the gorgeous light, all the elements aligned perfectly, and it was great to take our pictures somewhere so meaningful to us. According to Dan, the most memorable moment was when we tried to stand on the same side of the boat and almost tipped it over.”

We are looking forward to their wedding next year on Nantucket! After hearing more of their story I realized just how special this island is to Kate and Dan! Here’s a little more about their connection to this beautiful island….

“There is no question that Nantucket is beautiful and full of adventures just waiting to happen. What I love most about Nantucket, though, is that it brings people together in such a special way. For me, Nantucket means family – my grandmother grew up here, my parents were married here, and I’ve spent every summer running around the island with siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. Most of my favorite memories are from times spent on Nantucket, and thankfully Dan loves it here as much as I do so I know we have lots of island magic in our future.”

Congratulations once again to Kate and Dan! Looking forward to photographing your wedding next spring!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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Sarah & Tom’s Summer Wedding on Nantucket

Sarah and Tom were married on July 23rd 2016. They had a beautiful ceremony at The Big House on Wherowhero Lane. They had a day full of blue skies, sunshine and lots of laughter! After the ceremony we went to Miacomet Beach for champagne and portraits which quickly turned into some really fun photos of the newlyweds on the lifeguard stand!

Sarah and Tom met a few years ago in Boston….“We met on a blind date in August 2014 in Boston Massachusetts. Our second date was for Sarah’s birthday weekend which lasted four days and then we were inseparable.”

Tom had gotten in touch with me originally through a mutual friend, Kritsen Kellogg, and I immediately knew we would have a great time photographing their wedding. Tom and Sarah have a love for the island and all that it offers. I loved hearing more about their connection to Nantucket…

“Nantucket is special because everyone on the island, whether friends or strangers, feel like they’re part of an exclusive party and connected to one another. I‘ve been visiting the island for about 10 years.  I’ve introduced Sarah to this Island and she has fallen in love with it through Daffodil Weekends, birthday weekends in the fall and someday we hope to own a second home on the island.”

There were so many memorable parts of this evening. I loved hearing about what was special to the newlyweds! It was no surprise that they wrote about the wild dance party they had! “Having family and friends and both sides come as one was one of the best parts of the wedding. Sarah really loved being walked down the aisle by her father and her father officiating the actual wedding ceremony. We all love dancing on the under the lights on the porch and then heading into The Boardinghouse where we continued the dance party there, shaking the foundation and having so much fun and laughter.”

The wedding was definitely one we’ll never forget! After lots of dancing the night ended with a sparkler send off and I ended up on the roof to get a few special photos of teveryone! We are so happy for Sarah and Tom and I know we’ll be seeing them soon on Nantucket!!

Special Thanks to Kathryn Kennedy for joining me to photograph this wedding!

Catering: Nantucket Clambake Company, Ceremony + Reception: The Big House,  Music: Perfect Nantucket Events by Billy Voss, Officiant: James D. Thomas (Bride’s Father), Photography: Katie Kaizer Photography, Flowers: Meagan Anacko Cake: Brittany Divine, Bridal Hair + Makeup: Emily Nantucket Makeup Artist, Wedding Dress: Anne Barge Black Label Runway Collection, Bride’s Jewelry: Kate Spade,  Groom’s Suite: Custom Suit by Holland & Sherry, Groom’s Shoes and Belt: Cole Haan, gift from one of Tom’s groomsmen/president of Cole Haan, Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yo; The Annabelle

Enjoy! – Katie K.
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