Electric Love: A Charity Yoga, Music and Art Experience on Nantucket


The Electric Flow series with Caitlin Marcoux Vinyasa Flow Yoga and DJ Peter Ahern continued last Thursday evening on Nantucket.  This time the team paired up with Brooklyn based artist Craig Anthony Miller and special guest Clay Twombly to create a visually and aurally inspiring space in which to practice the healing arts of yoga.

At last year’s Electric Flow Event I was honored to photograph our amazing community as they united in support for Caitlin Marcoux’s journey…she writes….”When I was diagnosed with breast cancer last March, no one was sure what it was going to take to save my life. My cancer was aggressive, it was invasive, and it had proliferated into three quarters of my right breast and a neighboring lymph node. While my team of doctors threw ever kind of therapy at my 3cm tumor, I threw myself into any and ever kind of complimentary therapy I could find: a modified diet, regular yoga, seated mediation, weekly acupuncture, and ongoing chiropractic care. I sought out the company of my closest friends and spent many quiet nights at home with my partner and son. For a little while, it was terrifying. As it turned out, it took everything to help me persevere: chemotherapy, surgery, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, individual therapy, group therapy and the support of my entire community. And when things got really tough and I found myself literally and figuratively falling apart, I sought refuge in the resources available at Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket. Spending time with other cancer survivors during the PASCON support groups was inspiring and empowering, and knowing I was not alone in my turmoil went a long way to making me more comfortable. That’s why, when Pete Ahern and I decided to put on a fourth Electric Flow Yoga event, I chose PASCON as the charity I wanted to support. Not only did I want to celebrate my gratitude for our community through art and music and yoga, but I specifically wanted to give back to the donation-funded organization that had given me so much support. Yoga, music and art all share the same power to heal because they are hard wired to penetrate and open our hearts. My wish for the people who attended Electric Love was that they could feel that healing as deeply as I have. I know that the funds we raised for PASCON will help nurture others when the light seems dim and hope feels far away. I feel deeply privileged to still be alive. Life is short, we should live it in service to one another.”

90 Yogis took part in a special 2 hour yoga class and as someone who loves yoga, this community and photography, this couldn’t have been a more inspiring experience. Capturing the evening was wonderful, from the hello hugs, the setting up, the opening meditation and of course the yoga practice. I know there will be more of these evenings in the future and I would encourage anyone to come and be part of this moving experience.  I am very thankful to be part of this creative team once again.

CAM’s Electric Love painting will be available for auction shortly and that he is donating the profits from its sale to PASCON too. Check in at Caitlin’s Website for more info.

From Clay Twombly  “Thanks to everyone who came out to support PASCON! They are one of many assets to our community and I’m so grateful for all they do. Thanks to Caitlin, Pete, Craig and the support crews behind the scenes who made it such a success!”

Sponsors: Caitlin MarcouxVerde Nantucket Green Build, Craig Anthony MillerThe Dreamland Theatre, Isle de Flore, Katie Kaizer Photography, Clay Twombly, Pete Ahern.

Enjoy! – Katie K.


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Happy Valentine’s Day – Celebrating Love and The Fabulous Weddings of 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day from Katie Kaizer Photography!  This very special holiday is the perfect occasion to celebrate love and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. Instead of a New Years tribute post, this year, I decided to hold onto this one for Valentine’s Day as it’s a great time to take a look back at the fabulous weddings of 2013!  This post has a bridal portrait from each wedding of 2013. It was a truly magical year of weddings full of happiness, travel, islands, beaches, farms, gorgeous light, sunsets, smiles and so much love.

Looking back at 2013 I am beyond thankful for the variety of unique weddings I was a part of. I photographed many gorgeous Nantucket Weddings and my wedding work also brought me to St. John USVI, California, Cape Cod, Florida and I wrapped up the year with a trip to Australia where I photographed another very special wedding. My Cousin Chad married Emma, the love of his life, and I am so thankful they brought me here to be their photographer. The time we’ve all spent together here in Australia has been unforgettable.

2013 was also an exciting year full of happy emotions as I photographed many weddings for friends and locals who I’ve known for a very long time.  Our Nantucket Community is so important to me and being able to help tell some of it’s great love stories through photography is an honor. It absolutely filled my heart to photograph couples who I’ve grown up with here on Nantucket, brides and grooms who I knew individually before they met and of course my very own cousin and his lovely bride. It also goes without saying that many of my new clients always become good friends of mine. I love meeting couples who travel from all over the world to spend their special day on Nantucket. Throughout our engagement sessions and wedding days I love sharing new locations with them. The wedding day, especially the portrait segment, is always a special adventure and a very happy time. I have truly enjoyed staying in touch with so many of these great new couples I met in 2013 and I look forward to seeing them as they visit Nantucket over the years to come.

At every wedding, whether it’s three hundred people or a small elopement for two, I  highlight everything unique about the couple and their special day.  For me, 2013, was also an especially long season of Nantucket Weddings starting in early May and lasting into November.

Many of the weddings below have already been featured or published in N Magazine, Island Weddings, Only Nantucket, Well Wed’s Magazine & Blog and most of them are lined up to be featured soon so stay tuned for more announcements! To follow everything current check out the Katie Kaizer Photography Facebook Page . Currently you will see a wide variety of photography projects from my time abroad and soon there will be more Nantucket Photography and of course more Weddings again as we enter the spring season. I’m also humbled and happy to share that for the 2nd year in a row Wedding Wire   awarded Katie Kaizer Photography with a ‘Bride’s Choice Award for 2014′ this award is based on the testimonials from my clients from the previous year.   Many thanks for all the kind words and enthusiasm from everyone!

Many of the 2013 weddings have highlight posts available for everyone to view. To see full highlight posts click on the title above the couple’s portrait. There you will see more photos and also a list of the wonderful vendors.

Special thanks to Kathryn Kennedy and Scott Achs for shooting a few of these weddings with me!

Here’s to the fabulous weddings of 2013 and I am truly looking forward another great season!


Nicole Steinmuller & Ben Shappell / May 4th 2013 / The Unitarian Church + The Great Harbor Yacht Club / Nantucket Island, Ma



Jen & Peter Brodbeck / May 26th 2013 / Annaberg Ruins in the Virgin Island National Park  + The Waterfront Bistro / St. John, USVI



Kaitlyn & Matt Erisman / June 15th 2013 / Sankaty Beach Club + Sankaty Head Golf Club / Nantucket Island, Ma003_ValentinesDay


Alicia & Evan Gaustad / June 22nd 2013 / McFadden Farm / Potter Valley, Ca



Coleen & Larry Wysocki / June 29th 2013 / The Galley Beach / Nantucket Island, Ma



Jeff & Christy Lynch / July 4th 2013 / Brant Point Lighthouse / Holidays for Heroes / Nantucket Island, Ma


Kathryn & Rob Norton / July 27th 2013 / The Greater Light + The Gallery at Four India + The Company of the Cauldron / Nantucket Island, Ma


Ashley & Zach Danziger / August 8th 2013 / The Wauwinet / Nantucket Island, Ma



Allyson & Bryan Compton / August 10th 2013 / The Quaker Meeting House + The Whaling Museum / Nantucket Island, Ma009_ValentinesDay


    Kim & Michael Vaughan / August 24th 2013 / Waterfront + Private Home / Orleans, Ma010_ValentinesDay


Martin & Gahl / August 30th 2013 / Private Residence / Nantucket Island, Ma011_ValentinesDay


Zach & Kelley Cohen / September 13th 2013 /  Sankaty Beach Club + Sankaty Head Golf Club / Nantucket Island, Ma012_ValentinesDay


Carter & Kate Westfall / September 14th 2013 / Pimny’s Point + The Nantucket Hotel / Nantucket Island, Ma


Sarah & Dan Rothbart / September 20th 2013 /  – Sankaty Beach Club + Sankaty Head Golf Club / Nantucket Island, Ma014_ValentinesDay


Tyler & Aly Herrick / September 28th 2013 / Private Residence in Madaket + The Admiralty Club / Nantucket Island, Ma015_ValentinesDay


Holly & Stephen Wall / October 5th 2013 / The Sconset Chapel + The Sankaty Head Golf Club / Nantucket Island, Ma016_ValentinesDay


Josh & Suzanne Brooks / October 26th 2013 / St. Mary’s Church + The White Elephant / Nantucket Island, Ma017_ValentinesDay


Oliver & Kinnon Foley / November 2nd 2013 / The First Congregational Church + The White Elephant /  Nantucket Island, Ma018_ValentinesDay


Stacey & Matt Oakley / November 9th 2013 / St. Augustine Beach + The House of Sea and Sun / St. Augustine, Fl019_ValentinesDay


Chad & Emma Walsh / December 7th 2013 / Fairbridge Village Chapel + Clubhouse / Pinjarra, Western Australia020_ValentinesDay

Thank you everyone for a wonderful 2013. Thank you for trusting me to photograph your amazing love stories. It was an fabulous year and I look forward to all of the great weddings that await in 2014.


Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day and a lifetime full of love and laughter!

- Katie K.

A Portrait Of Mabul Island


I was contemplating extending my trip but still hadn’t made a decision, after two incredible months in Australia it was almost time to fly home. Ben Phillips, my longtime friend from Nantucket had been inviting me to visit him on Mabul Island in Malaysia, so I called him again and we made a plan.

He is currently working on the island as a dive instructor at Uncle Chang’s Dive Lodge.  He told me ahead of time that the island was different than other places he had lived….a very small island with dive lodges built out over the ocean on stilts and a few local fishing villages. He said that I would love it….he was right.

After three flights, a night in Tawau and a bus ride I boarded the boat in Semporna for a 45 minute ride to the island. I was almost there. All of a sudden I could see this tiny island,  of sand, funky wooden buildings on stilts and a few palm trees…..we had reached Mabul and Ben was on the end of the dock waving. As soon as I arrived Ben instantly took me walking around the entire island which only takes about 20 mintues….the island is less than 50 acres. Ben knew everyone, fellow dive instructors, fisherman and many of the local people in the villages.

We spent a lot of time under the sea scuba diving and exploring the amazing reef and marine life but that will be a different blog post entirely.

When I was above water I spent time in the villages and photographing the daily life, culture and people that occupy the very unique island. There are two main fishing villages the “Kampung Mabul” and “Kampung Musu.” There are approximately 2,000 villagers living in Mabul and half of them are children below the age of 14 years old.  This comes as no surprise as you walk around the island you are constantly surrounded by children. They are everywhere, playing games, collecting sea food at low tide, helping their parents fish and playing marbles or drawing pictures in the sand. Many of the families are immigrants from the islands of the Southern Philippines and many of them are living a nomadic lifestyle as they travel from one island to the next. 

Fisherman selling their catch, men building and painting boats, kids running around playing, cats, chickens and many portraits. This is a very small glimpse into the culture of Mabul Island’s villages during this slice of time that I was there.

Enjoy. – Katie K.

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An Afternoon With The Dellow Family – Portraiture in Perth, Australia

- The Dellow Family -


A few months ago I photographed my cousin’s wedding in Australia. Their good friends Lorraine and Charles were at the wedding and later got in touch with me to do a family portrait session here in Perth. I was delighted to hear from them and so excited to photograph their sweet family! James is full of fun energy and Eloise is one of the cutest babies I have ever met! They are an amazing family with a great story…

“Charles and I have been together since 2001 and have lived and travelled overseas, before coming back to Perth to settle down. I was born in Perth and Charles was born in New Zealand, and he had only just come to Perth a few months before we met. We were married in 2009 in Thailand.  James is almost 3 and Eloise is 4 months old. We wanted to do photos at South Perth  Foreshore because, simply put, I think it’s one of the prettiest places in Perth. I go there often with the kids for coffee and play dates.”

Lorraine and Charles are such a sweet couple and they are wonderful parents. I loved spending the afternoon with them! She later wrote me the sweetest message about our session…

“We didn’t know what to expect of a professional family shoot and didn’t want to end up with a lot of ‘formal’ looking photos. It was so great to work with you because, even though you coached us a bit, you encouraged us to be ourselves and be natural. Your relaxed and positive approach definitely made us feel relaxed in return. Your friendly rapport with James was great. We are so happy we got to work with you while you are in Australia as you are a very talented photographer.”

I am beyond thankful to have met the Dellow Family and for all the great photography experiences here in Australia. I am looking forward to coming back again some day soon!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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Sarah, Julian and Souleah – Family Portraiture at Warriewood Beach, Australia


Sarah and Julian are an amazing couple. They are fun, kind and they bring happiness to everyone around them. I was so happy to photograph them last week with their sweet 2 month old daughter Souleah!

Sarah and Julian met 10 years ago while working on Crystal Mountain near Seattle. Sarah is from Australia and Julian is from New Zealand. Years later I was lucky enough to meet them while working together at Snowmass Mountain in Colorado. They are the kind of people you always want to spend time with as they love adventure and share a positive attitude towards life!

We stayed in touch throughout the years and so much has happened! Last year Sarah and Julian were married at Mona Vale Golf Club on Sydney’s Northern beaches and now they reside nearby in Warriewood. On Nov. 1st 2013 they welcomed their sweet daughter, Souleah, into the world. They are an amazing family of three and it has been wonderful spending time with them here in Australia! I had a great time photographing them at Warriewood beach and at the end of our session they set little Souleah down in the sand and she loved it!

I am beyond happy for this wonderful family!

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia – Day & Night Festivities

Happy 2014 Everyone!!047

Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2013 and a great new year ahead! My cousin and his new wife brought me over to Australia at the end of November to photograph their wedding and from there I have been photographing lots of great adventures around Australia! The trip has been a great journey and only a few short weeks ago I decided to book a flight to Sydney to spend New Year’s Eve in the city! Most people book their plans and accomodation months in advance so when I called the YHA Hostel right by the Opera House and they told me the had just had a cancellation I was beyond happy! Surely this was a good sign! I booked in and began to figure out a plan. Upon arriving at the Hostel I met some great girls who were excited to watch the fireworks from the iconic Mrs. Macquarie’s Point. I did some research the day before and the even staff explained that people camp out the night before to get in and get a good spot! On New Year’s Eve morning we woke up around 6 am and headed to get into line. This was the start of a very long day but it was well worth it as I wanted to photograph the whole experience and of course the fireworks. This particular part of the park holds 17,000 viewers and everyone is a photographer! Everyone was excited for good vantage points but it wasn’t easy getting a good spot! Throughout the day we continued to make friends with other travelers and met lots of new friends. The crowd that gathered was literally from every end of the world. I had a great day photographing the people, the snacks, the lights, the super long lines, the crowds, the little rain storm and more. As the clock struck midnight I was with my friends and standing in a tight crowd with some great people from Taiwan. As fate had it we ended up with a fabulous spot and the 18 hr day was truly unforgettable. Everyone I met and talked to had a different story of how they had decided to welcome in the New Year in Sydney….and everyone was very excited! The theme for the this year’s display was “Shine” and it was the biggest display in the history of Sydney’s Fireworks Show. For the first time since the Millennium night, over 1000 specially designed fireworks launched off the sails of the Sydney Opera House in celebration of its 40th Anniversary! Here’s a glimpse into our day and night in Sydney Australia!

Happy 2014! Enjoy – Katie K.

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Emma & Chad Married at Fairbridge Village – Pinjarra, Australia

- Chad & Emma -


Emma and Chad were married December 7th 2013 at Faribridge Village in Pinjarra, Western Australia. Emma’s family from Australia, Chad’s family from America and their friends from all over the world came together to celebrate this amazing couple. Emma and Chad have an inspiring story as they first met while doing relief work in Haiti after the earthquake. The two met, became friends, and developed a relationship full of love, laughter and adventure.

A few words from Chad…”We met in Haiti where we had been volunteering after the earthquake. We became close friends between our visits to the orphanages, collaborating with the community, the dusty streets, and the noisy chickens. After a few months of living and breathing Port-au-Prince, we formed a bond that was built upon our adventures together. The disasters, successes, outbreaks, friendships, smog, and swarms of traffic are the backdrop to our story, but we’re thankful for our family and friends who could be with us along the way.”

At the wedding their dear friend Helen Wilkes sang the song, ‘Wagon Wheel’ by Old Crow Medicine Show accompanied by the Quartet. As Chad introduced Helen he explained to everyone that this was a song that always seemed to play when he felt like he was exactly where he was supposed to be in life. The song had found it’s way to Emma and Chad after they met and he smiled as he said he knew that they were exactly where they were meant to be….with each other. As their friend Helen sang the song everyone smiled and shed happy tears as the moment was so beautiful.

The day before the wedding we met up at Emma and Chad’s apartment in Perth and kicked off the weekend with a group road trip headed south to Pinjarra. Emma’s dad, a true Aussie, had his Ute packed to the brim with everything and anything you’d want for the wedding weekend!

Fairbridge Village is rustic and so very charming. Emma shared how they decided to have the wedding there…..”Every year there is a folk festival held at Fairbridge Village and in 2012 the Sambanistas (my drumming band) were asked to perform. There are so many talented musicians throughout the festival and one of my favorite places to listen to acoustic folk singers is in the Chapel.  Its such an incredible space.  So, one Sunday afternoon when Chad and I were driving back camping from down south, I showed it to him and he loved it also. When we got engaged, I was SO excited that Chad said he wanted to get married there.  It’s a non denominational chapel so it suited us perfectly.  So when we looked at the Fairbridge Chapel, the rest of the venue just fell into place. It’s an old orphanage site, so kind of ironic too.  My mom, Chad and I all went to the festival this year also and listened to beautiful music in the chapel together, it was awesome.”

Fairbridge Village was wonderful as everyone was truly in the moment and able to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings all weekend. The place is gorgeous, there’s a horse farm, wild peacocks and around dusk all of the Kangaroos come out to say hello.

A favorite memory from the wedding day….”One of my favorite memories of the day was when Chad and I both stepped away from the dance floor together and stood up on the ledge and looked out at the incredible group of people that were all in one room together.  Throughout my life I have travelled the world and hand selected this earths very best people so to have them all in one room together with my family was incredible.  I was soaking in every ounce.  A memory I will never forget.”

Emma and Chad had a wedding that was so original and unique to their passions and personalities. Everyone was so happy to contribute to their wedding, from decorating the chapel, arranging the flowers and also painting the little animals that they used as place holders on the dinner tables. 

Chad is my cousin and we grew up together on Nantucket. I was beyond happy when he asked me if they could bring me here to photograph everything. I’ve been so fortunate to spend great quality time with these two as they bring happiness to everyone around them.

Dress: Mia of the Jardin de Reved Collection by Caleche Bridal House, Shoes: Nine West, Hair: Melissa Riding of Bridal Studio For One, Bridal Makeup: Katie Roll of Pure Perfection Make Up by Katie, Officiant: Matt Titmanus of Marry Me Matt, Flowers: Chad (the groom) and friends, Bridal Bouquets: Chad, Photographer: Katie Kaizer Photography, Ceremony: Fairbridge Village Chapel, Performance of ‘Wagon Wheel’ by Old Crow Medecine Show: Helen Wilkes (good friend), Reception: Fairbridge Village Clubhouse, DJ: Steve Fernandes of Dream Weddings, Catering: Fairbridge Village, Cake: Kakes by Karen, Cake Decoration: Charmaine Burnett, Bridesmaid Dress: Betty Tran, Rings: John Miller Designs.

Enjoy! – Katie K.

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